With the passion of our 20 years

The company was founded by professionals with a long experience in the car rental business.

It started off with a small office and continuously expanded. After having covered the needs around the Athens area, they proceeded in establishing branches initially in Mytilini, later in Mykonos and then in Rhodes. During the last five years they promoted the idea for a better service of their continuously increasing clientele, with the intention to service the entire area of Greece.

In the 26 years of operation of Kosmos-Rent-A-Car, has provided service to more than 100.000 clients, a fact that places the company at the top of the list of entirely Greek companies in the car-rental business. This is due not only to the quality of the services provided but to its competitive prices as well.



In most car-rental companies the client is involved in a rather impersonal relationship. In Kosmos-Rent-A-Car, however, the service is personal and amicable. The best proof is the size of our clientele, which trust us for 26 years now.

The car is delivered in a destination chosen by our client -airport, port, hotel, residence or work place- by a company employees who will answer to any question the client may have.

In case the client is facing difficulties in urban centers there is the possibility of driving him/her out of and back into the city.

Finally, the replacement of a car which has presented problems is immediate. No time is wasted.


What has, so far, been said about the company is truly very interesting and one could say that Kosmos-Rent-A-Car has excellent advertisers. This may be true. The company's true strength, however, does not lie in its advertising campaign, but rather in the long list of clients who honour it with their trust, from the day it was founded until now.

Apart from our distinguished clients, Kosmos-Rent-A-Car caters to large tourist companies as well. Travel agents, large hotel companies and shipping companies as well, are for many years friends of the company.

Embassies, public institutions, construction companies, as well as international companies in the field of machinery and electronic equipment leave themselves at the care of Kosmos-Rent-A-Car.

You can read testimonies from our customers here

Car Fleet

The car fleet of Kosmos-Rent-A-Car includes 2,500 cars all over Greece with engine types that vary from small to large. Clients have a choice among automatic cars, air-condition, mini vans, open-air cars and luxury cars as well. All cars are models of the past two years and 40% of the fleet is renewed every year.


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